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Modeling healthcare processes and pathways is challenging because of:

  • the complex interactions between various healthcare providers and the patient

        – each patient may have his own unique pathway

  • the dependencies on information and equipment

        – Information is spread across both paper and electronic repositories 

  • the complex interaction of clinical, administrative and logistic processes

        – Silos make it harder to understand cross-departmental processes


medBPM® (medical Business Process Modeling) is a software based framework specifically designed to model, analyze optimize and communicate, complex healthcare processes. medBPM® captures the needs and interactions between: The patient, HealthCare professionals, Information (paper or electronic), Medication and Materials.

medBPM®  models help  in understanding and communicating  the complexities and dependencies in, clinical , administrative and logistic processes in a care pathway. Built-in qualitative and quantitative analysis and reports allows for:

  • better management of investment in  resources and IT 

  • successful completion of complex projects

  • successful implementation of safer, integrated and more efficient care pathways.


Integrated environment for process design, modeling and optimization

medBPM®  is based on a proprietary modeling notation (UMN) which allows a network representation of the agents, actors, resources, objects and information in complex systems. This notation combines the rigor of UML /BPMN methodologies with the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. medBPM®  gives the user an integrated environment for the design and evaluation of a pathways that combine clinical, logistics and administrative services.  It enables:
    – process evaluation and optimization based on user defined metrics (time, cost, workload)
    – requirements analysis for  resources, equipment, material and information
    – process improvement based on Lean & Six-Sigma principles
    – Failure mode and risk analysis (HFMEA)
    – specification of requirements in information needs and information systems  
    – specification of integration points and interfaces (HL7) for integrated solutions
    – specification of processes based on  a Service Oriented Architecture protocol (SOA).


Advantages of medBPM® 

The simplicity of the notation and the ease of use of medBPM® allow clinicians to understand, validate and propose alternatives for business processes based on measurable metrics with business analysts simulating, optimizing and fine tuning the processes based on the  Who, What, When, Where and How of the processes.  The visual representation allows complex processes to be easily understood by both domain/business users and business analyst facilitating communications and collaboration.

medBPM® significantly reduces project durations and facilitates communication and collaboration between all actors and stakeholders in the design and implementation of safer and more efficient care pathways.

Several projects in safety evaluation and optimisation of integrated medication management in hospitals in Canada and USA:

  • Nurse ordering

  • Pharmacy order review 

  • Initial dose dispensing

  • Medication refill

  • Safe medication administration to patient and documentation

  • Pharmacy replenishment


Example of a study in healthcare


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