xBPM®: Solution for finance, logistics and other services


xBPM® is a software framework specifically designed to model, analyze, optimize and communicate complex business processes. xBPM® captures the needs and interactions between: 

  • The customer

  • The providers

  • Information requirements

  • Materials, tools, equipment and other resources


xBPM® is ideal for all organizations with complex operational, logistic and administrative processes with a desire to improve and innovate their services.

Integrated environment for analysis and optimization of processes 
xBPM® is based on a proprietary modeling notation (UMN) which allows a network based representation of the agents, actors, resources, objects and information in complex systems. This notation combines the rigor of UML /BPMN methodologies with the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. xBPM® gives the user an integrated environment for:
– process design, process evaluation and process optimization based on metrics (time, cost, workload)
– requirements analysis for  resources, equipment, material and information
– process improvement /Lean & Six-Sigma/risk analysis
– requirements in information systems  
– specification of integration points and interfaces for integrated solutions.

xBPM® enables process design, optimization and specification according to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Advantages of  xBPM®
The simplicity of the UMN notation and the ease of use of xBPM® allow business users to develop, validate and propose alternatives for business processes based on measurable metrics with business analysts simulating, optimizing and fine tuning the processes based on the  Who, What, When, Where and How of the processes.  The visual representation allows complex processes to be easily understood by both domain/business users and business analyst facilitating communications and collaboration.


Example of projects
Project 1: Financial sector – Incorporation of conformity rules and optimisation of the sale of financial products to individuals
The goal of this project was to propose changes in the existing sale of financial products in order to incorporate conformity rules resulting from the Basel agreement on risk management and the guidelines for the supervision of banks. Four of the existing processes were modeled and analysed. They were consolidated in two improved and consolidated processes with a potential reduction in cost of 42%. 

Project 2: Financial sector- Optimization of operational and administrative tasks of enterprise loans
The objective was to determine if it was possible to achieve cost reductions of 20 to 25% with the centralization of key functions for the process concerned. The mapping of the process allowed the identification of the tasks that could be centralized and the related cost reductions to be expected.

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